Our Menu

Our cafe and restaurant are usually opened very early in the morning to serve our visitors/clients who are in need of a delicious breakfast before they proceed to their areas of exploration.
We are available to serve our customers with a delicious lunch or dinner which is served at their time of comfort. Fresh food is prepared on a daily basis to cater for the needs of every visitor.

Our Stellar court is an ideal place for social drinks and offers a comprehensive menu as well as snacks.

At Cliffs Cafe, we offer to take away services to clients demand to take their meals outside the patio. Some of the meals we offer as takeaways include snacks, salads, and homemade cakes among others.
We also have smoothies and ice creams which are well suited for summer.
Our icecreams and smoothies are a summer favourite.

Children’s menu is available.

* menus may change without notice