Welcome to Cliffs Cafe and Restaurant.
We are situated on the right side of the water edge at Port Philip Bay in St Kilda.
We are proud of ourselves because of our ability to offer our visitors the personalized touch they desire together with magic sea views.
During the sunny days, visitors are able able to enjoy their meals in our outdoor terraces as well as enjoying the beachside scenes.
Our menus are well inclusive with all the fresh seafood our clients request on a daily basis.
Stella lounge is the ideal place for those in need of having drinks or snacks together as a family or a group during the summer.
We offer the best hospitality to our visitors and that's why we are glad to keep on serving them every time they visit our lounge.

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About Us

The ParasKevas family are some of the co-founders of the St. Kilda restaurant scene from the time it was established which is the mid-1970s and on the stunning iconic St Kilda foreshore from 2002.
Cliffs Cafe and Restaurant provides visitors with one of the ideal beachfront restaurant's destinations for a variety of fresh seafood as well as an all-inclusive menu with a taste of Greece for nourishing family fare.

At Cliffs Cafe, we look forward to welcoming all sorts of visitors which may include family members, friends, other guests and all people interested in the services we offer.
Our environment is conducive with a friendly atmosphere, amazing customer services as well as the presence of delicious foods

There are many activities you can engage yourself with, for instance during the day you may enjoy the beachfront while dining and during the night you may opt for drinks or intimate dinner while exploring the sunset over the Port Philip Bay.
Reservations are not usually necessary but are only preferable for a group of people. Our objective is to serve you and ensure you have the maximum pleasure during your visit.
We look forward to breaking bread with you.

Our Menu

Our cafe and restaurant are usually opened very early in the morning to serve our visitors/clients who are in need of a delicious breakfast before they proceed to their areas of exploration.
We are available to serve our customers with a delicious lunch or dinner which is served at their time of comfort. Fresh food is prepared on a daily basis to cater for the needs of every visitor.

our Stellar court is an ideal place for social drinks and offers a comprehensive menu as well as snacks.

At Cliffs Cafe, we offer to take away services to clients demand to take their meals outside the patio. Some of the meals we offer as takeaways include snacks, salads, and homemade cakes among others.
We also have smoothies and ice creams which are well suited for summer.
Our icecreams and smoothies are a summer favourite.

Children’s menu is available.

* Current menus displayed may be changed without any notice.


At Cliffs Cafe and Restaurant we major mainly in offering a personalized touch for special events.
We have sufficient facilities which are appealing to all the kind of events we host.
This place is ideal for couples because it comprises of amazing beaches, beautiful views as well as special sunset which is very essential to both of you in delighting your moods.

Some of the major events we host include weddings, engagements, birthday parties for both the young and the old and any other family special event.
To those in need of having private functions, we have areas meant for those events, especially at the corporate level. Some of the private functions we host are meetings, presentations as well as dinner and breakfast occasions.

We have the capacity to offers our visitors with a menu which is all inclusive so as to cover the special rates granted to the kids. This menu can be inside or outside dining.

If you are in need of booking our services the process is very simple you just to send us an email and we will get in touch with you.Or give us a call on  9593 8343 and ask to speak to our function coordinator.


Contact Us

Cliffs Cafe and Restaurant
2 145 Ra st
Williams park, Victoria
(03) 9345 653


We look forward to your email.

Please send an email to info@cliffscafe.com.au