About Us

The ParasKevas family are some of the co-founders of the St. Kilda restaurant scene from the time it was established which is the mid-1970s and on the stunning iconic St Kilda foreshore from 2002.
Cliffs Cafe and Restaurant provides visitors with one of the ideal beachfront restaurant's destinations for a variety of fresh seafood as well as an all-inclusive menu with a taste of Greece for nourishing family fare.

At Cliffs Cafe, we look forward to welcoming all sorts of visitors which may include family members, friends, other guests and all people interested in the services we offer.
Our environment is conducive with a friendly atmosphere, amazing customer services as well as the presence of delicious foods

There are many activities you can engage yourself with, for instance during the day you may enjoy the beachfront while dining and during the night you may opt for drinks or intimate dinner while exploring the sunset over the Port Philip Bay.
Reservations are not usually necessary but are only preferable for a group of people. Our objective is to serve you and ensure you have the maximum pleasure during your visit.
We look forward to breaking bread with you.